The Best Mining Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-03-17

Compound screen is mainly used for thermal power generation desulfurization system, coal preparation plant, the coal industry's solvent sieving system and the mining industry gravel aggregate system. Using low amplitude, high frequency and other characteristics, it is very good for less than 5mm of small material screening. It can also be extended to other industries, mainly for dry material screening. The sieve plate mainly contains bar, comb teeth, round steel welding, steel punching and so on.


mining vibrating screen


Compound mining vibrating screen only sieve surface vibration and screen box does not vibrate,  the required motor power is reduced . WFPS-1536 configuration motor power is 6kw, half of the energy consumption of other vibrating screens. Hebei Jingye Group as an example:


Hebei Jingye Group used the compound frequency screen from Winner Group company production. The screening efficiency increased to 90%, the return rate decreased by 3.74%, the annual reduction of return burning costs of about 1400000 million US dollars, reducing the handling fee of 53,000 US dollars, saving electricity 300,000 US dollars, reducing the consumption of more than $103000 , Integrated cost reduction of $ 1856000.


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