Linear Vibrating Screen Installation Notes

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-03-25

1. The linear vibrating screen Installation foundation is designed by civil engineering department, and its inherent frequency cannot be approached with vibration frequency.


2. The equipment base must be calibrated and installed with reference to the drawing. The foundation should have sufficient stiffness and strength to withstand the full load and static load of the linear vibrating screen.


3. First, the receiving hopper is fixed in the ground, then the secondary spring base will be installed in the same level, not exceed 2mm deviation. The second spring will be classified according to the natural height and the number of circles, and the two sets will be the same height and the winding number. Install the spring on the corresponding base, then lift the seal tank and main equipment together and place them on the secondary spring. Check the verticality and compression height of both springs. The height deviation is not greater than 5mm. The springs should be fully in contact.


linear vibrating screen


4. After adjusting, open the side door of a spring, pull down support components, check the contact degree and verticality on both ends of the spring until it meets the requirements. When adjusting, the main equipment is laying down, and then check the minimum clearance between the main equipment and the seal cover and the receiving hopper, not less than 75mm. The maximum difference between the inlet and the sieve is not greater than 500mm. Connect the seal tank and the hopper.


5. To install the motor drive, add the steel plate to make it paralleled of the actuator shaft and the shaft axis of the vibrator, and ensure the activity margin of the universal shaft section. It is strictly forbidden to operate the linear vibrating screen motor in the same direction.


6. When adjusting the amplitude, adjust the angle of the main eccentric block on the vibrator within the designed scale. The larger the angle is, the smaller the amplitude is.


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