The Basic Elements Of The Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The Crusher is one of the main machines for mining industry. It's necessary to consider the properties of the raw materials and the features of the machine when choosing a suitable crusher.


The Basic Elements Of The Crusher


Blasting is often used in the mining which the raw material is broken to the smaller particle size by the crusher, and the surface area of the material is constantly increasing with the progress of the crushing, and then it can improve the physical and chemical reaction speed. At the same time, the mixture of different kinds of the solid materials must be crushed to get the uniform effect. According to the fragile nature of the broken material, the ability of achieving the production capacity is different at the same conditions in the same machine when the raw materials are different, because it depends on the fragility, density, structure uniformity, humidity, cracks, strength, hardness and shape and a series of factors.


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Hardness of the material is not necessarily difficult to break, but it is difficult to grind, but also make the working surface of the machine easy to wear. According to the raw material properties, particle size, the required crushing ratio, the scale of production and using the different machines, the raw material can be broken by different broken systems. In order to meet the increased crushing ratio and reduce the requirements of the crushing stage, the machine is driven to large crushing ratio, high performance and large scale development.


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