Classification of Fine Screening Equipment (Upper)

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

There are several categories of fine screening equipment on the market. Today, Winner Group will show you these items.


The first one to mention is the rotary vibrating screen, which is also known as three dimensional vibrating screen or round vibrating screen. Due to its wide application, rotary vibrating screen can be called the first one in the categories of fine screening equipment, and on the basis of it, the ultrasonic vibration screen is developed, that is, an ultrasonic generator is added on the basis of the rotary vibrating screen. So ultrasonic vibrating screen can effectively screen the materials above 300 mesh without clogging, while the rotary vibrating screen is basically used to screen the materials below 300 mesh.


fine screening equipment


In addition to the ultrasonic vibrating screen, the high frequency filtrating screen is also developed on the basis of rotary vibrating screen. Difference is that the motor of the rotary vibrating screen is four vertical vibrating motor, theoretical speed is 1500 r/min. While the high frequency filtrating screen uses dipole vibrating motor, theoretical speed is 3000 r/min, so there is a "high frequency" in its name. In the field of vibrating screen, "high frequent vibrating" is often used for dewatering and filtering, so the name of the device includes a word " filtrating ", and the filtrating process is often carried out on the slurry material, so the high frequency filtrating screen in the field of fine screening is also called the "slurry filtrating screen".


fine screening equipment


Like the high frequency vibrating screen, the next one which will be introduced is the famous direct discharge screen, which is also special equipment for some purpose. From its name, we can know that its discharge is very direct, and the effect is determined by its special structure. Direct discharge screen is designed for the process of removing impurity, during which, the undersize accounts for the vast number of proportion. This is also a widely used screening process, especially in the flour and other industries. The fine material outlet of the equipment is below the bottom screen frame and is facing the material inlet. Getting through the material inlet, the material falls into the screen mesh, and completes getting through the screen mesh directly and then are discharged from the outlet right below the inlet after the vibration, simply and directly. Material does not need be moved from the center of the screen to the edge of it, and does not need be discharged from the outlet at the edge. Of course, in terms of the process of material grading, the rotary vibrating screen is more suitable, while the direct discharge screen is not, which is generally not used to deal with material grading. It is also the characteristic of this "direct discharge" that determines that the excitation source is usually two horizontal motors, which are installed on both sides of the screen.


fine screening equipment


All kinds of screening devices mentioned above are related to the rotary vibrating screen more or less. In addition to the rotary vibrating screen and its derivative products, there are high quality products such as linear vibrating screen and swing vibrating screen. Today, we're going to be here for a moment, please pay attention to Winner Group and see you next time.


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