Stack Screen, a choice of profession

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-05-05

The Stack Screen produced by Winner is a device that uses a unified vibration source to drive the multi-layer screen box to vibrate together. It uses a separate screening system to screen the upper and lower overlaps of the screen box, and each layer of screen surface completes the screening operation independently.


Stack Screen


The vibration source used in the  Stack Screen is a linear self-vibration source developed by the company. Compared with the traditional screen, it has the following four major advantages:


First, high screening efficiency and high recovery rate of finished products.

Due to the composition of fine granular materials, in the process of traditional screening, the materials will appear from small to large particles and difficult to be screened and separated, which seriously affects the screening efficiency and quality recovery of materials, and the distribution of Winner shares. The sieve adds a secondary distributor to break up the normal structure of the raw materials, so that the second re-weaving can better complete the screening and rapid separation of the materials, eliminate the phenomenon of plugging, improve the screening efficiency, and the recovery rate of the finished product can be Increase by 10-15 percentage points.


Second, the screening operation process system optimization.

The Stack screen changes the original production process, reduces the repeated transportation of materials, simplifies the process and equipment layout, reduces the manual maintenance of equipment failure points, saves labor and reduces labor intensity.


Third, static operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

At the customer site, the whole machine has some slight vibration transmission on the ground. In this case, Winner has added a vibration damping device to replace the whole machine adjustment device, effectively solving the problem that the whole machine has some slight vibration transmission to the ground, and noise. Small, optimize the working environment, help customers to work statically, and achieve a green working environment.


Fourth, each channel is controllable.

The traditional screen has uneven flow rate during the material distribution. The distribution screen of Winner shares a flow control valve under the distributor to make each flow flow properly controlled.


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