Advanced Stack Sizer Screening Machine For Fine Screening

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-04-26

The Stack Sizer Screening Machine is a new screening equipment developed by Winner Group for the screening of materials with less than 200 mesh (less than 0.074mm). It can be widely used to control and grade concentrate size of iron ore, ilmenite, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum, niobium ore, quartz sand, feldspar and kaolinite.

Advanced Technology of Stack Sizer Screening Machine:


Stack Sizer Screening Machine


1.Secondary distributor is added to disperse the structure of raw material in normal operation, so that the secondary redistribution can better complete the material screening and rapid separation, eliminate the phenomenon of blocking holes, and improve the screening efficiency.

2.Optimization of screening process system: change the original production process, reduce the repeated transportation of materials, simplify the process and equipment layout, reduce the manual maintenance quantity of equipment failure point, save labor and reduce labor intensity.


screening efficiency


3.Static operation, energy saving and environmental protection: increase the vibration damping device to replace the whole machine adjustment device to improve the vibration transmission phenomenon, low noise, optimize the working environment, realize the static operation of the customer scene, green environmental protection working environment.

4.Higher efficiency: optimization of screening operation system, fine grading, screening efficiency of not less than 80%, theoretical data of finished product recovery rate can be increased by 40%-50%.


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