Smart welding, welding the future

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-11-15

Smart Welding

Many customers have misunderstandings about the intelligent welding process of welding robots, and believe that it is difficult to realize the leap from manual welding to intelligent welding of welding robots in reality. But is it actually true? Next, our good friend Xiaomeng-H will give you a detailed introduction.

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Get to know me, it's convenient for you

Hi! We meet again! I am everyone's good friend Xiaomeng-H, and today I will tell you about the advantages of robot welding. The main advantages of robot welding are to improve welding quality and ensure the stability and consistency of welding quality; increase productivity and achieve 24-hour uninterrupted welding; improve the working conditions of operators and avoid continuous work in harmful environments; can realize welding automation in small and medium batches . Based on the above advantages, welding robots have been widely used in the field of construction machinery manufacturing.

As a leader in the field of automated welding robots, I not only have a cool name-self-propelled full-scene large-scale welding robot, but also have eight advantages, come and get to know me.

1. Self-propelled: It can freely reach the designated welding station, reduce handling and overturning, and improve the convenience and safety of operation.

2. Lifting function: expand a larger welding range, reduce welding difficulty, improve welding efficiency, and reduce operator safety risks.

3. Hydraulic positioning: accurate positioning ensures the stability of the robot and the consistency of welding quality.

4. Real-time monitoring: monitor the welding process, intelligently detect the welding quality, avoid personnel climbing operations, and reduce the risk of programming operations.

5. Data cloud storage: cloud backup welding data, data sharing, anti-loss.

6. Laser positioning system: Use the teaching program of the first workpiece to repeatedly weld subsequent workpieces to achieve the effect of reducing programming.

7. One-stop gun cleaner: Quickly complete the wire cutting, cleaning, fuel injection and other operations of the welding gun, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

8. Mobile phone remote control: APP remote control, check the running status at any time, intelligent control.

Do you think I'm very cool after learning about it? In the future, I will strictly demand my own quality, and am determined to inject fresh blood into more industries, so that more industries can realize easy and intelligent welding. Thousands of little cutes are in the mighty, there is always one that you are excited about. If you are excited, please call the WINNER hotline at +8613373745380!


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