Distribution Sieve-F, for fine particle sieving

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-11-09

Distributed screen-F, also known as square rocking screen, is a low-frequency rotary vibrating screen that imitates manual screening, and has high-precision and large-output screening equipment. After the distribution screen-F is started, the shaking body of the screen machine, that is, the screen box reciprocates back and forth under the action of inertial force, and the screen box drives the screen surface to periodically shake, so that the materials on the screen surface will move in a directional jump with the screen box. Movement, the vibrator generates vibration and rocking motion, which is transmitted to the screen surface, so that the material is rapidly dispersed in the front of the screen machine, so that the material and the screen surface have more contact probability, increase the screening rate, and achieve the purpose of screening. Used in quartz sand, chemical industry, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasives and other industries.

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Distributed screen-F main features:
1. Environmental protection, fully enclosed design structure, no powder running, low noise, for dusty materials, it can meet the production environmental protection requirements.
2. The output is large and can be customized according to the output demand.
3. Material integrity, three movement modes of circle, ellipse and straight line are adopted to reduce material deformation and ensure material integrity.
4. It saves time and has a long service life of the screen. The screen is equipped with an automatic tensioning and automatic cleaning system, which makes the life of the screen longer, the screen change is more convenient, and also saves a lot of labor and time.
5. Higher safety and more stable operation, the use of hanging design greatly reduces the load-bearing load of the motor.
6. Save space, flexible outlet position, multi-layer design, users can solve the problem of outlet direction according to their own needs.
Distribution screen-F routine maintenance:
1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the vibration state of the material on the screen surface and ensure the smooth operation of the material passage.
2. In order to ensure good working condition, screening efficiency and equipment operation status should be checked regularly.
3. Correctly adjust the feeding device so that the material layer can enter the working screen surface uniformly and stably according to the width of the screen surface; avoid the material being concentrated in the local position of the screen surface and affecting the screening effect.
4. In use, the main wear part is the screen, so the inspection of the screen is very important, and the screen should be replaced and repaired in time.
Distributed Screen-F, a screening equipment that meets the needs of large output and high precision. If you have any needs, please call WINNER Technical Consulting Hotline +8613373745380!


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