Screening Equipment Under Blast Furnace Tank Made by WINNER

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-11-01

Because the blast furnace ironmaking technology has the advantages of good economic indicators, simple process, large production volume, high labor production efficiency and low energy consumption, the iron produced by this method accounts for the vast majority of the world's total output.

In the production of blast furnace, iron ore, coke, slag-forming flux (limestone) is loaded from the top of the furnace, and preheated air is blown from the tuyere at the lower part of the furnace along the circumference of the furnace, and coke is blown at high temperature (some blast furnaces are also blown) The carbon in the auxiliary fuel such as pulverized coal, heavy oil, and natural gas is combusted with oxygen in the air to form carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and the oxygen in the iron ore is removed during the ascending process in the furnace, thereby reducing iron. The molten iron is discharged from the iron mouth, and the unreduced impurities in the iron ore are combined with the flux such as limestone to form slag discharged from the slag port. The generated gas is discharged from the top of the furnace, and after being dusted, it is used as a fuel for hot blast stove, heating furnace, and coke oven, boiler, etc. The main products of blast furnace smelting are pig iron, as well as by-product blast furnace slag and blast furnace gas.


Composite Frequency Screen-XC

In order to better solve the problem of screening under the blast furnace tank, WINNER has developed a new product WFPS-XC after the three generations of composite frequency vibrating screen. The application of the three generations of composite frequency vibrating screen in the blast furnace tank is mainly used for the sorting of sinter, pellets, coke, nut coke, miscellaneous ore and limestone materials. It has the advantages of good sealing, easy maintenance, stable and reliable performance. The application of WFPS-XC in the blast furnace tank is mainly used for the separation of lump ore. Because the lump ore usually has large water content, fine powder, and the common sieve plate is easy to paste, the WFPS-XC adopts polyurethane sieve surface and has large amplitude. The material has high acceleration, high ejection, no hole blocking, good sealing, easy maintenance and stable performance, which can better solve the problem of block ore screening.

WINNER has continuously consolidated its main business in the field of screening, and spared no effort in innovation and research and development to help customers solve problems and achieve environmentally friendly production.


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