Opportunities and challenges of henan winner scrap preheating technology

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-10-25

India's iron ore reserves are large, industrialization is low, and per capita tons of steel is lower than the world average. The development of the steel industry has great advantages. Due to China's policy adjustment, new steel production capacity is strictly forbidden. Many domestic steel enterprises have set up to invest in Southeast Asia.

The Indian steel industry is rapidly emerging. With the continuous advancement of urbanization, India's domestic steel consumption demand still has great potential for mining. India's crude steel production is dominated by the electric furnace method. The demand for scrap steel and power consumption are relatively large. However, the supply of scrap resources in India is generally tight and the quality is poor. The shortage of electricity and unstable power supply still need to be resolved. Therefore, there is an urgent need to increase the use of scrap steel. Rate, reduce power consumption.

Henan winner has developed an advanced continuous hot charging system for scrap steel - electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system, which can improve scrap steel and heat utilization, clean, energy saving and environmental protection. The electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system of henan winner is mainly composed of electromagnetic direct injection power system, waste heat recovery and utilization system, shock absorption support device, burner hood, vacuum combustion system, heat exchange system and wheel hub power system. The system and technology belong to an advanced, clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly steelmaking technology that can bake materials in the trough, which saves energy and improves the working environment.


scrap preheating technology

Henan winner scrap preheating technology has established contacts with a number of large steel mills in China and successfully completed the transformation. The opportunities in the Indian market are infinite. Winner will spare no effort to develop and innovate and support and promote the scrap preheating field.


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