Odor Control Method In Domestic Garbage Treatment

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-07-04

1. Dilution diffusion and Coverage masking:
Dilution and diffusion is to dilute and diffuse through a large amount of ventilated exhaust to reduce the odor concentration. This method is applicable to small waste transfer stations, small waste landfills which are with small waste disposal volume, low odor concentration, and good ventilation conditions.

Coverage method, the landfill site covers the rubbish with earth or impermeable membrane to slow down the rate of corruption. The masking method uses more intense aroma gas and odor to blend masking odors.


Domestic Garbage Treatment

2. Atomization of Plant liquid:
The plant liquid is prepared by extracting natural bactericidal deodorizing factors from roots and leaves of natural plants such as flowers, grasses and trees. The plant liquid has the characteristics of safety, hygiene, non-toxic, non-irritating and water-soluble after pre-treatment, and its action mechanism for odor includes chemical reaction and biophysics.

3. Adsorption method and Water absorption method:
The odor gas is transferred from the gas phase to the solid phase using the adsorption function of an adsorbent such as activated carbon. This method is suitable for the treatment of low-concentration, high-purification odor gases, and has high purification efficiency and can handle odorous gases with complex components.

The water absorption method utilizes the characteristic that some substances in the odor are easily soluble in water, so that the odor components dissolve directly in the water to achieve the purpose of deodorization.


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