Multi-frequency sieve-X bravely entered the non-ferrous metal industry, and became famous!

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-05-17

The multi-frequency screen-X designed and developed by WINNER has played a good role in the application of the non-ferrous metal industry. It can successfully replace the traditional vibrating screen and effectively solve the traditional screening equipment that is not environmentally friendly, dynamic sealing difficulties, large dust, and vibration weight. Large, heavy screen parts and other problems.


1. Environmental protection: Since the screen box does not participate in vibration, all the inlets and outlets of the screen can be easily connected with other related equipment in a rigid and sealed manner, so that the entire screening operation can be carried out in a fully static sealed state, and can pass through the specially designed dust removal on the screen frame. The mouth suction makes the whole system work under negative pressure, thus completely solving the problem of dust pollution in the screening process. At the same time, we can add a double sound insulation device inside the screen box, which reduces the noise by 8-10dB compared with the traditional vibrating screen.

2. Energy saving: The X screen box of the multi-frequency screen does not participate in vibration, only the sieve plate and the exciter participate in the vibration, so the vibration weight of the multi-frequency screen is small. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, under the same frequency and amplitude, The power required by the multi-frequency screen is small and the energy consumption is low.

3. High efficiency: Multi-frequency screen X adopts multi-stage screen surface independent vibration, forced stratification, projective motion, thin-layer screening, and the looseness coefficient is increased by 1.3 times, so that the probability of material contacting the screen holes is increased, and the screening efficiency can be increased by 10%. about. The screen surface of the traditional circular vibrating screen vibrates as a whole, relying on the large inclination angle of the screen surface to realize the forward movement of the material, the stratification effect is poor, and the screening efficiency is low.

4. Modularity: The multi-frequency screen X adopts a modular design, all connecting parts are screwed, the equipment can be divided into various units during transportation, and the maximum weight of a single piece is only 30%~40% of conventional equipment, which can save hoisting cost;

5. Intelligence: The multi-frequency screen X is equipped with a PLC control system, which can manually and remotely control the start and stop of the entire equipment. The PLC control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen, which is convenient for the setting and display of the control system parameters, including the display of bearing temperature and the alarm of abnormal temperature. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic refueling system to reduce the labor intensity of workers and avoid accidents caused by human reasons.

6. Scalability: The screen box does not participate in vibration, so we add functional equipment to the screen box above the screen plate to solve the problems in vibrating screening. Add a cloth device at the feeding end to solve the problem of cloth; for viscous materials, you can add an intelligent cleaning device to clean the blocked screen surface from time to time; for materials that are easy to entangle, you can add a shredding device to improve the screening effect; It is also possible to add dust removal equipment to the equipment, reduce the layout of pipelines, and increase the purity of products.

7. Safety: Since the screen box does not participate in vibration, 80% of the vibration part is wrapped inside the outer screen box, and the transmission device and rotating parts are also protected. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the vibration that may be in contact with the human body is There are fewer parts, and the safety factor of the multi-frequency screen is increased by more than 60%, which can effectively prevent personal injury caused by accidental contact.

8. Large processing capacity: The traditional screen needs to achieve large processing capacity (≥2000t/h), the overall width of the equipment is increased, the strength requirements are very high, various cracking problems are prone to occur, and there are many unstable factors. The multi-frequency screen adopts the structural form of segmental vibration, which determines the various combination methods of the multi-frequency screen, which can meet the requirements of larger processing capacity and realize the stability of the equipment; the parallel structure cooperates with the walking device, which can effectively solve the problem of the equipment. It can also reduce the number of belt conveyors in the process and reduce the input cost.

At present, WINNER's multi-frequency screen X has been successfully applied in the non-ferrous metal industry. There are many large enterprise customers such as China Gold, Yunnan Gold, Zijin Mining, Shandong Gold, and Chinalco, which have been well received by customers.

WINNER can add functional equipment to the multi-frequency screen-X according to the customer's situation to solve the problems in the vibration screening and meet the different production needs of customers. For details, please call the hotline: +8613373745380!


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