Electromagnetic Direct Injection Heat Exchange System Helps Scrap Utilization

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-05-17

What is scrap steel? "Scrap steel" refers to the steel scrap (such as trimming, cutting head, etc.) generated in the production process of the steel plant, as well as the steel materials in the equipment and components that are scrapped after use. The composition of steel is called scrap steel. This is its basic definition, but don't think that scrap steel is equivalent to being scrapped and becomes an unusable product. On the contrary, it is favored by various construction sites and builders!

The electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system is a continuous and high-efficiency preheating system developed by WINNER to achieve energy saving and efficiency improvement by preheating scrap steel. Realize the continuous transportation, continuous preheating and continuous discharging of scrap steel, which makes the operation process continuous and convenient, and the loss of heat energy is small, which avoids potential safety hazards in the process of scrap steel preheating. The whole preheating process can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is more conducive to the smelting requirements of converters, refining furnaces, blast furnaces and other processes, improves production efficiency, and effectively solves the problem of environmental pollution.

 The electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system and technology developed and produced by WINNER is a clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly steelmaking technology. This technology can bake the material in the conveying trough, which can save energy and improve the working environment at the same time. In the process of material baking, a large amount of waste flue gas will be generated. In order to ensure the effective recovery and utilization of any pollutants in the scrap steel flue and dust, the dust removal system is equipped with a waste heat recovery and utilization system to avoid the generation of harmful gases.


How to increase the use of scrap steel and balance the impact of scrap steel and molten iron on cost and consumption requires combination of equipment and actual processes, and requires us to be more refined in electric furnace and converter smelting. From the current situation, the appropriate ratio of scrap steel The impact on the overall efficiency of the enterprise is very significant.


The electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system has been used in Hunan, Hubei, Jilin, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Guangxi, Chongqing and other places. The system is clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a powerful assistant for comprehensive utilization of steel resources. If you want to know more , welcome to call WINNER's technical consultation hotline+86 13373745380!


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