Maintenance of the Mobile Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Mobile crusher need to be routinely maintained to ensure efficient operation. Equipment should be lubricated as required, small and medium-sized equipment is mainly lubricated with grease and lubricating oil, generally have a forced lubrication system, we should always pay attention to observe the oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters.


We should always pay attention to the equipment noise and vibration during operation. While there is too much noise or vibration should quickly turn off the power to check. After troubleshooting, the load should be started in the boot sequence. In the operation of the equipment, it is also important to observe the quality and yield of the product, when the quality and yield is not normal, there may be some failure of the crusher, the plugging of the sieve, or the screen.


mobile crusher


In order to make the equipment to maintain good performance, in addition to normal maintenance, the equipment should also be planned minor repair, repair and overhaul.

The purpose of small repair is to eliminate the equipment in the use of parts caused by local damage, so that equipment back to normal work, and sometimes pre-inspection work for the next minor repair or repair, overhaul to prepare.


The purpose of the repair is to check the important parts of the equipment, the use of parts to replace the parts to solve the problem of uncoordinated service life. In the repair of the entire unit often carry out the entire demolition, cleaning parts, check the various parts of the wear and tear.


Overhaul is the maintenance work carried out when equipment is stopped for a long time. In the overhaul process, all parts must be removed and all parts checked carefully. The method is better in repairing the parts, and the method is carried out under the condition of the equipment operation. The equipment operation rate can be guaranteed accordingly because the complete parts are prepared in advance and the maintenance time is greatly shortened. And the parts are repaired after the equipment is shut down.


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