Common Fault Approach of Impact Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Impact crusher is welcomed in various industries because of its wide range of application and high crushing ability. In the meanwhile, we also need know the common fault solutions of impact crusher:


impact crusher


1. Stop feeding. The impact crushing machine shouldn’t stop until the materials in the crusher are processed.

2. The first thing is to cut off power supply when users need to stop working.

3. The discharge belt conveyor can stop after finishing discharging when stop the impact crusher.

4. It is suggest that the direction should be checked after rewiring of the motor. It should ensure the equipment is in the right direction of rotation in accordance with the relevant provisions and is forbidden to run in the opposite direction.

5. If the equipment stops working due to large input size, the users should check the abrasion of plate hammer to prevent the damage of rotor.

6. If the equipment stops working due to serious abrasion of plate hammer, the users should make each plate hammer keep balance to prevent the vibration phenomenon after adjusting plate hammer 180°.


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