Belt feeder makes feeding more continuous and efficient

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-04-28

Belt feeder is a belt conveyor for feeding, mainly used in mining, coal, metallurgy, cement and other industries, suitable for processing materials including various block and granular materials (such as limestone, iron powder, clay, etc. ) and powdery materials (such as coal ash, cement) for continuous feeding. When the belt feeder is working, the material in the silo enters the guide trough through the connecting section and falls on the tape. When the tape is stationary, the material finally stops moving due to the internal friction force, forming a static accumulation at a certain angle at the discharge port; When the driving roller starts to rotate under the drive of external power, it drives the belt to move, and the belt drives the material on it to guide the discharge port. Complete the feeding process.

Equipment advantage

1. The equipment runs smoothly, with low noise, fast feeding speed, thick material layer and large feeding amount;

2. The feeding amount is continuously adjustable;

3. The steel wire core and conveyor belt are impact-resistant and tear-resistant, and the equipment has a long service life;

4. The wear-resistant lining plate is installed on the inner side of the guide trough to make the equipment more durable;

5. The power is small, the power saving effect is good, the operating cost is low, and it has good economic performance;

6. The product technology is mature, the parts and components are versatile, the weight is light, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient;

7. Complete auxiliary devices, complete use functions, and wide applicability;

8. The equipment has good versatility and is applicable on the ground or underground;

9. The equipment can be controlled remotely according to the needs, helping customers to produce intelligently.

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