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Author: Winner   Time: 2022-04-15

In the construction (decoration) waste, in addition to bricks and concrete blocks, the wastes generated by construction (decoration) demolition also include sawdust, paper, plastic, leaves, muck, etc., of which concrete blocks can be used as roadbeds; wood Light materials such as blocks, paper scraps, and plastic bags also have their own uses. If these wastes are treated uniformly without distinction, they will not only cause a waste of available resources, but also affect the reuse effect of each other due to mutual interference.

At present, the removal of light substances in construction (decoration) waste treatment mainly relies on manual sorting, and small debris cannot be sorted out. Manual sorting has low efficiency, high cost and poor effect. It is only suitable for front-end sorting, not for back-stage sorting. select. The wind separator developed and designed by WITTMANN is suitable for the end of the production line. It can remove wood, paper, plastic and other light substances in the construction waste after crushing and screening, reduce the content of light substances in the finished aggregate, and improve the purity of the finished product. Spend.

Product advantages

1. The equipment is simple in structure, light in weight and low in overall cost.

2. Low power, low operating cost and saving electricity.

3. It can effectively remove wood, paper, plastic and other light substances in the construction waste after crushing and screening.

4. The equipment is designed with a special structure, and the light material collection bag is made of special material, so that there is no dust pollution at the feeding port and the light material discharge port.

5. It is easy to maintain, which reduces the maintenance intensity of workers on the equipment.

The WITTMANN wind separator makes the separation efficiency high and the aggregate cleaner. If you are also facing the problem of difficult sorting of construction (decoration) waste and light materials, please call WITTMANN at +8613373745380!


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