The cutting robot Xiaomeng-Q can flexibly reach the designated cutting position without moving the workpiece.

The cutting thickness is large, and it can cut various heterosexual workpieces and arc-shaped workpieces, with consistent cutting and smooth grooves.

The cutting robot is equipped with high temperature resistant crawler, which can walk to the designated station arbitrarily.

The cutting robot can be remotely controlled within a range of 15 meters, with a high safety factor, and can work alone, while moving.

Cutting Robot Xiaomeng-Q Features:

1. Using plasma cutting power supply or equipped with flame cutting system, it can cut various carbon steel and ordinary low alloy steel.

2. It has the outstanding characteristics of fast cutting speed, high cutting verticality, good cutting surface smoothness, less slag hanging on the surface, and small deformation of the sheet.

3. Suitable for welding of thick plates.

In actual production, Xiaomeng-Q has obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity, and saving raw materials.


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