What is the phenomenon of torsional vibration of linear vibrating screen?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2022-08-30

The problem of torsional vibration of linear vibrating screen is mainly due to the following reasons:

Design and manufacture aspects

1. Check the screen frame is not adjacent to the two sides are parallel, parallel, then it is normal.

2. Check whether the four spring bearings of the screen machine are the same on the uniform surface and the selected spring stiffness.

3. Check that the self-synchronization between the two vibrators of the straight screen is normal.

4. It is necessary to adjust the phase angle of the main vibrator of the two vibrators on the vibration axis, because its consistency will affect the consistency of the generated excitation force.

2. Device aspects

1. Shake the four spring bearing the degree of expansion is the same, whether in a unified surface, the compression error can not exceed 5mm.

2. When the universal joint device, both sides of the phase angle can be the same.


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