Winner scrap steel pretreatment system

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-03-02

Winner’s scrap pretreatment system is a continuous scrap preheating equipment developed by Winner. It can be used in ironworks, steel plants (steelmaking and refining workshops) and other production links. It is used in continuous transportation and continuous preheating of scrap steel. , At the same time of continuous discharging, it realizes 4 pre-treatments for scrap steel, which makes the operation process continuous and convenient, with little heat loss, avoids hidden dangers in the scrap preheating process, saves energy consumption, and greatly reduces the environmental impact during the preheating process. Pollution, the entire preheating process can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is more conducive to the smelting requirements of multiple processes such as converters, refining furnaces, and blast furnaces, and improves production efficiency. Next, let us look at the three major technologies used by the system and the achievable pre-processing effects. 1. Electromagnetic drive technology Compared with the traditional drive technology, the electromagnetic drive technology adopted by the system has the characteristics of greater impact on the equipment itself, easy to scattered materials at the discharge port, and short equipment life. The main advantages of electromagnetic drive technology are reflected in the following aspects: 

Winner’s scrap pretreatment system

(1)Stability: The electromagnetic auxiliary drive and the electromagnetic reaction force generated when starting and stopping are digested and absorbed part of the exciting force, so that the equipment operates more stably and reduces the damage to the equipment itself due to large vibrations.

(2)Feeding speed: Electromagnetic auxiliary drive, which gives electromagnetic auxiliary power to the original mechanical power part, which can increase the original power system by 15% when discharging the equipment, increase the motion, and complete it more quickly Unwinding meets the fast-paced steelmaking. 

2.Flame direct injection baking technology The flame exit speed of the sub-high-speed burner is about 70m/s, which greatly improves the movement speed of the flue gas in the bag, and at the same time increases the penetration of the flame, so that the flame can reach the bottom of the scrap steel layer, so that the heating is even and the baking The increase in efficiency also increases the turbulence of the flue gas, thereby increasing the flow heat transfer coefficient. 

3. Negative pressure combustion technology Negative pressure combustion technology can increase the combustion temperature of the flame, save more gas under the same conditions, and at the same time, improve the thermal cycle in the furnace, make the steel scrap in the tank more uniform, improve the utilization of heat energy, In a short period of time, the temperature of scrap steel can reach 800 degrees, which improves production efficiency and facilitates steelmaking.


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