Winner roller screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-10-10

The roller screen of Winner Group is a kind of equipment which uses multi axis rotation to move materials forward and screen at the same time. This product is a new type of equipment in the production line of domestic waste. At the same time, it has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, small space occupation and low noise.

roller screen

1. Working principle

It uses multi axis rotation to push the material forward along the screen surface, at the same time, the flower plate rotates rapidly to make the material loose. The material smaller than the mesh gap falls through the gap between the screen shafts due to the self weight and rotation force of the disc. The materials larger than the gap between the screen holes remain on the screen surface and continue to move forward, falling into the transfer belt conveyor, so as to achieve the purpose of screening.

2. Structural features

1. A transparent observation cover is installed on the top of the box, which can clearly observe the screening of materials.

2. The transmission device is composed of odd shaft, even shaft assembly, odd transmission shaft assembly, even number transmission shaft assembly, etc. One reducer motor drives three shaft components, and the output torque of deceleration motor is transmitted to each component through chain transmission.

3. The new structure of the rotating shaft is adopted, and after many times of heat treatment and finish machining, the rotating shaft can reduce its weight and meet the performance requirements at the same time.

4. The flower plate is made of wear-resistant steel plate with good wear resistance.

3. Advantages

1. The screen plate is removable and easy to maintain.

2. The roller diameter is large, which can effectively prevent the material from winding on the roller.

3. The diameter of the sieve plate is close to the roller, and the material is not easy to be stuck in the middle of the screen plate during the material processing.

4. The upper and lower boxes are connected by bolts to facilitate the disassembly and maintenance of the screen plate.

5. The disk shaft adopts chain transmission structure, with high transmission precision.


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