Winner assists steel enterprises in completing upgrades

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-01-17

A few days ago, Winner designers went to Wu'an City to help a steel plant complete two sintering lines (second and third lines) reconstruction projects. The second line of the original equipment has small space and great noise. The front section of the first screen uses double-layer double-side ordinary bar screens, the rear section uses single-layer double-side ordinary bar screens, and the second screen uses single-layer double-sided ordinary bar screen panel with a capacity of 250t/h. The third line is two 3575 elliptical equal-thickness sieves, and the processing capacity is 300t/h.

The customer proposed transformation requirements: the second-line processing capacity was increased to 450t/h, and the third-line processing capacity was increased to 600t / h. Based on the site conditions and customer requirements, the designers recommended the Composite frequency screen to the customer and explained the advantages of the Composite frequency screen:
1. Advanced screening concept, unique screen panel structure.
2. Strong environmental protection.
3. Higher energy saving.
4. High screening efficiency and large processing capacity.
5. Easy maintenance.
6. Low spare parts consumption.
7. Minimize the cost of foundation construction and reconstruction.
8. Full combination.


Composite frequency screen

The customer decided to select Winner Composite frequency screen for the both lines. After measuring the site size and analyzing the graded content of the incoming materials, a specific selection plan was proposed, and various equipment questions raised by the technical staff of the other party were carefully answered, which made the customer very satisfied with the transformation plan.


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