Winner Group won the national and provincial the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit once again

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

It is the highest honor of the national credit management, the level of the brand management and management of the enterprise, the contract credit management level, the contract performance ability and the status, the operating efficiency, the social responsibility and the credit, the society Honor and other indicators of a comprehensive assessment, participating companies to go through layers of strict screening to be honored.


Winner group with the accumulation of long-term accumulation of strong strength and strict compliance of the trustworthy service, following 2012 - 2013 again after the industry and social recognition, respectively, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Henan Province Administration of Industry and Commerce awarded 2014-2015 National keep contacts regard credits enterprises and 2014-2015 year in Henan Province keep contacts regard credits enterprises.


All along, the Winner group adhere to the keep contacts regard credits as the conduct of the enterprise, the development of the base, in the management work, adhere to the law, to win the trust of the letter to the principle of credibility has been focused on strengthening the credit Institutions and system construction, improve the contract management system, standardize the contract management behavior, pay attention to the quality of compliance in place, establish a good social reputation, and customers to achieve shared, create and win-win situation.


In the future, Winner group in the keep contacts regard credits, will further strengthen the contract management through the standardization, information, standardization to enhance the company's credit management level, broaden the market space, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, law-abiding operators, bigger and stronger escort!


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