Why is Composite screen so popular

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-12-21

To responded to the national environmental protection call to improve the working conditions of the sinter plant,Winner launched environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products called composite screen which improved the sintering site environment, effectively reduced costs, and contributed to the creation of green metallurgy.


composite screen


1. Why is composite screen environmentally friendly?

The composite screen changed the structure of the traditional vibrating screen. Only the sieve plate vibrates, the sieve body does not vibrate. The feed chute, the discharge chute completely realize the static sealing, which changes the disadvantage of the traditional vibrating screen dynamic sealing dust point. Solved the problem of the site environment.


2. Why is the composite screen energy saving?

The composite screen only has the structure of the sieve plate vibrating, the sieve box does not vibrate, and the vibration quality of the sieve is small, so the operation of the equipment can be realized with a small power. For example, processing 400t/h, 10mm grading granularity of sinter, using composite screen screen each year can save about 330,000 yuan in electricity costs. The composite screen has good sealing performance, which can reduce the air leakage rate, reduce the required air volume, save dust removal costs and save costs.


3. composite screen efficiency is high, easy to maintain

(1) The composite screen has the advantages of high opening ratio and high screening efficiency, and the replacement of the sieve plate saves time and labor;

(2) The rough rate of multi-frequency screen can be maintained at about 8%, and the running rate of traditional vibrating screen is about 14%. The sintering output is calculated at 7000 tons/day/set, of which the return amount accounts for 20% of the total ore. According to the above calculation, the composite screen can increase the finished product value to about 15 million yuan for the finished sinter.


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly! composite screen, your wise choice!


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