WFBS-D distribution sieve is worth more than one price, and the price/performance ratio cannot be said

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-10-11

WFBS-D distribution screen is a new type of screening equipment developed and upgraded by WITTMANN. It uses a unified vibration source to drive the multi-layer screen boxes to vibrate together, and the screen boxes of the independent screening system are arranged up and down in layers. Each layer of screen surfaces independently completes feeding and screening operations. The sieves are collected and discharged separately.

After the ore pulp enters the distributor, it is evenly divided into multiple channels, and then enters into multiple ore feeders respectively through the ore feeding pipe. The ore feeder evenly sprinkles the ore pulp on the upper end of the screen surface. The material on the screen surface is continuously vibrated with high frequency and small amplitude, and it continuously beats on the inclined screen surface to disperse the material, and the fine-grained material is evenly distributed. In the process, the material passing through the sieve hole becomes the product under the sieve, and the material larger than the sieve hole continuously jumps forward on the inclined screen surface to become the product on the sieve. The distribution screen is actually a combination of multiple single-layer fine screens on one machine, and its effective feeding width is actually the sum of the widths of multiple single-layer screens.

Application scenarios of WFBS-D distribution sieve:

1. Iron ore and ilmenite concentrator: used for particle size control and classification of concentrate. The screening efficiency of the distributed sieve is high, and the positive enrichment effect of the products under the sieve is remarkable, thereby improving the selected grade (the concentrate grade can be increased by 1% to 3% year-on-year).

2. Concentrator of tungsten, tin, tantalum, and niobium ore: this type of ores are relatively brittle and have a large specific gravity. Distributed screens can be used instead of spiral classifiers and cyclones for classification, or combined with them for classification, which can significantly reduce the crushing of useful minerals and improve ore beneficiation. efficiency, the recovery rate is increased by 8% to 15%, and the processing capacity of the grinding system is increased by about 20% to 30%.

Product advantages: 

1. The processing capacity per unit area of ​​the screen surface is large, and one distributed screen can replace 3-6 ordinary high-frequency screens;

2. Wear-resisting treatment of all over-current components, such as pulp separator, frame, upper and lower sieve collection hoppers, and ore feeder are all lined with wear-resistant materials to improve the overall service life of the sieve machine. Realize the superiority of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, and reduce the amount of equipment maintenance;

3. Under the condition of the same processing capacity, it can save 1/3 of the floor space of other screen machines and reduce the cost of infrastructure.

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