To improve quality and efficiency, multiple frequency screening-G speaks with data

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-12-02

WINNER's multiple frequency screen-G helps to improve the quality and efficiency of an iron mine in Chengde. An iron ore crushing workshop in Chengde, Hebei purchased two sets of multi-frequency screen-G from WINNER to replace the original linear screen.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Multi-frequency sieve-G equipment features:


1. Segmented screening, the overall screen machine does not vibrate, and the screen vibrates


2. Self-cleaning screen surface


3. Closed structure


4. Larger amplitude and smaller dynamic load


5. Smaller power


6. Unique PLC control system


7. Easy maintenance, low operating cost


The customer actually measured the screening efficiency of WINNER's multi-frequency screen-G used on site. The measured effect of the multi-frequency sieve-G is unexpected. When the processing capacity is 350t/h, the screening efficiency is over 97%! 


Before the transformation, the screening efficiency of the customer's screening equipment did not meet the production expectations, which hindered the production of the enterprise. The screening efficiency has been effectively improved after being replaced with the multi-frequency sieve-G. At the same time, the static sealing design of the multi-frequency sieve-G also reduces dust leakage during the screening operation, effectively improving the screening environment, and has won customers praise.


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