The steel slag resource utilization and development direction

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-04-15

With the continuous development of the iron and steel industry, the amount of steel slag is also increasing. The steel slag, which is accumulated as a large amount of solid waste, occupies a large amount of land and also has a serious impact on our living environment. With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, the rational use of steel slag resources has attracted public attention. As a secondary resource, steel slag mainly has the following applications: in the field of metallurgy, it is used as a sinter flux and blast furnace flux, or scrap iron and rare elements being recovered; in construction industry, it is used in road construction or used to produce steel slag cement and building products; in agriculture, it is used to produce agricultural fertilizers; it is also used as adsorbents for sewage treatment.

Although the extensive application of steel slag, the utilization rate of steel slag in China is still very low. As per the evaluation of the resource type and its effectiveness, the actual utilization rate of steel slag in China is merely at 30%, which is much lower than that of developed countries. To use the steel slag efficiently and environmentally is an urgent task facing the steel industry. Being used at high value, large proportion mixture and ecological utilization are the fundamental way to solve the problem of domestic steel slag discharge and storage, and also the direction of comprehensive utilization of steel slag.


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