The reasons of abnormal material sieving in plane rotary vibrating sieve

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-10-31

Materials sieving is a basic processing technology in industrial production. As a high-performance equipment capable of grading and screening,the plane rotary screen has a wide range of applications, which plays an important role in the precise screening of materials in metallurgical, mining,chemical, pharmaceutical and grain industries. In the process of use, the plane rotary screen may cause abnormal material screening due to various reasons.

1.Elastic failure fracture of support plate

The tail support plate is the foundation of the longitudinal motion of the whole sieve box, which supports the sieve body. It is easy for the support plate to lose its elasticity and break,which makes the sieve unbalance and produces vibration.  


grading and screening


2.Discordant of the lower frame and wire rope

The horizontal lower frame of the eccentric drive mechanism can ensure the stable vibration of the sieve during operation. When the frame is not horizontal, the eccentric spindle is not vertical. In the operation process of the balance block and the frame, in addition to the horizontal force, the vertical force should be generated, which can easily make the frame and the wire rope swing out of harmony and make the whole sieve body vibrate abnormally.  

3.Drive device fault

The inclination Angle of the sieve body of a planar rotary screen naturally produces vertical forces during operation. The screen weight center and balance block are neither in the same vertical plane nor in the same horizontal plane. The weight of materials on the moving sieve body changes, and the design weight of the balance block is based on the weight of the sieve body and the maximum weight of the vibrating sieve. When there is deviation, the vibration is easy to be unstable. 


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