The general trend of scrap preheating process

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-12-14

In the context of the iron and steel enterprises' overall demand for lump ore tending to increase, especially in the case of using more foreign iron ore, a process for effective screening of high water content and high mass fractions is sought. Not only is there an urgent need for blast furnace iron making production, but also the development needs of blast furnace iron making technology.


scrap steel


Scrap is an important raw material for the modern steel industry and a renewable resource for energy conservation and environmental protection. Research shows that for every ton of scrap steel used, it can reduce 4.3 tons of raw ore mining, reduce 1 ton of raw coal and 1.7 tons of new water consumption, and reduce 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide.


With the abundance of scrap resources and the decline in prices, the high-energy blast furnace iron making process with lump ore and sinter as the main raw materials will face challenges, and some equipment will be used to realize the utilization of scrap steel in blast furnaces.It is well known that blast furnaces need to use bulk material scrap steel. Therefore, blast furnace scrap steel is basically broken scrap steel. The crystallinity of scrap steel is not high, and it contains some harmful elements such as oil and paint, which will affect the blast furnace dust removal system and is not conducive to production needs. Preheat treatment of scrap steel is required.In this way, the harmful elements of the scrap can be treated in advance, and the temperature of the scrap can be increased, and the coke ratio in the blast furnace can be greatly reduced.


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