The arrangement requirements of vibrating screen in limestone production line

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Lime powder is a widely used industrial and mining raw materials, the production line design and layout options for the user to save production costs and reduce capital investment has a very important role, including vibrating screen and its supporting equipment selection and layout is the production process key. Lime powder production process is usually divided into pre-screening, coarse screening and fine screening of three stages, in the entire production process is mainly used for raw ore, semi-finished mineral materials and finished limestone powder screening.


Usually after the mining of limestone mining, after the vibration feeder to feed the crusher evenly to the crushed, crushed limestone after the mining shaker for sorting, through the belt conveyor to the limestone warehouse and stone silo, which Is pre-screening stage. For the smaller powder can be directly put into other industries to use. For the storage of lime-like or small granular raw materials, go through the bucket elevator or belt conveyor to the preheater bin and preheat chamber to purify the flue gas after discharge, the other to enter the rotary kiln Fired, and then burned lime powder through the ash bucket elevator, belt conveyor to the shaker for sorting, which is the second stage of the coarse screening. After the second stage of screening the qualified lime powder, the block into the third stage of the vibrating screen for fine screening, qualified lime powder can be used to enter the steel grill. After the second stage of coarse screening of the powder gray particles to go through the crushing machine after fine grinding, can be used for sintering plant use.


In the first stage of the coarse screening of the use of mining shaker usually requires a large amount of treatment, can be better stability, usually using wear-resistant sieve, reduce the sieve plate wear. The second stage of the coarse screening generally has a high processing capacity and considerable sieve accuracy of large linear vibrating screen, on the one hand to meet the larger processing capacity, on the other hand there is a certain screening accuracy. The third stage used mostly fine vibrating screen, the general mesh smaller mesh, smaller particles of the material, the particle size of the screening is an important guarantee of product yield. So the general use of more companies are linear vibrating screen screening, select the mesh is more fine woven mesh to ensure that the lime powder particle size uniform.


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