The advantages and disadvantages of domestic waste inceneration and landfill

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-21

The advantages of domestic waste incineration: Quick processing, turning waste into heat energy, and realizing local resource recycling.


domestic waste incineration

Disadvantages of incineration: The treatment of the harmful gas "dioxin" produced during the combustion of waste has caused great defects in this method.

Advantages of landfill: Due to the advantages of mature technology and low processing cost, landfill is the main method for centralized disposal of waste in many cities.

Disadvantages of landfill: Less investment, simple process, large processing capacity, and better realization of the harmlessness of the surface. However, the landfilled waste has not been harmlessly treated, and there are a lot of bacteria and viruses remaining. There are hidden dangers such as biogas heavy metal pollution; the garbage leakage liquid will also pollute the groundwater resources for a long time. Therefore, this method potentially has great harm which will bring endless troubles to future generations. This method not only does not realize the resource treatment of garbage, but also occupying a large amount of land.It is a dangerous practice of retaining pollution sources to future generations. Many developed countries have banned landfill waste. The competent authorities at all levels of the Chinese government have gradually gained an understanding of the problems existing in this processing technology, which is bound to prohibit and eliminate such behavior.

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