The Problems and Solutions in the Use of Cone Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-11-17

The most serious fault in the use of cone crusher is the main shaft fracture, which not only affects the normal operation of production line, but also occupies costs in maintenance and repair. Once the problem arises, it is necessary to fundamentally find the cause and find effective preventive measures to ensure the equipment is safe and efficient.


use of cone crusher


The causes and solutions of the main shaft fracture are as follows:


If the feed is not uniform or excessive, the load-bearing capacity of equipment can be overloaded when the material is unevenly or too much. This unreasonable operation is also the cause of main shaft fracture. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment in the operation should be paid special attention to, and the material supply should be properly and evenly distributed. 


The equipment is subjected to the long-term extrusion impact in the operation process. Long service life will lead to aging of the equipment and damage of the main shaft. Always maintain and check, find problems and solve them in time.


There are foreign objects in the feed materials. The materials will have the characteristics of metal properties in the transportation and feeding process. The equipment can break the main shaft and wear out the main shaft.


Other vulnerable parts of the cone crusher failed to timely found in equipment operation will lead to the vulnerability of debris into the crushing cavity, so the cavity gears rotates or even collapses, which increases the spindle pressure and leads to the main shaft rupture. Replace the scrapped parts and recycle them in time for maintenance. And make the vulnerable parts backup to the inventory, change in time to ensure the continuity of work.


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