The Price Variance Among Different Cone Crushers

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The cone crusher is technology-intensive product. There is a significant gap among different factories of their manufacturing technology and craftsmanship, which will cause huge differences of its performance. In the meanwhile, the price variance among different company depends on their manufacturing costs, which also depends on texture and processing technology. For example:


cone crusher


1. The texture of principal axis

The principal axis is the key part of a cone crusher, which will direct influence the equipment performance.


2. Crushing chamber

The crushing chamber profile will influence the final product quality. Better design of the chamber can promote capacity and reduce the wear and tear.


3. Processing technology

The processing technology, for example toothed plate, is finely manufactured. There is no need of void filler such as ethoxyline when change the toothed plate, which is also the only one. This kind of design can not only save cost, but also the time and maintenance.


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