The Necessity of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling in China

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-04-03

The characteristics of China's Municipal garbage: increase in organic matter, combustible matter, recyclable matter and increase in usable value. The types of waste are diversified, especially electronic waste, such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, and audio products, which have become a major problem that plagues our environment.



Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste generally contains 10% -15% of recyclable substances, such as metals, glass, plastic, rubber, and paper. With the intensification of global resource shortages and the development of science and technology, Municipal solid waste will become a resource with  great value, according to statistics:
1. From one ton waste tire, 0.75 ton recycled rubber, 0.15 ton textile fiber and 0.03-0.04 ton metal can be recovered.
2. one ton waste paper used as papermaking raw material, It can save 0.27 ton caustic soda, 313 ton water and 340kWh power.
3. For one ton waste battery, 0.385 ton manganese powder, 0.06 ton zinc shell, 0.003 ton copper, 0.005 ton plastic, 0.006 ton carbon rod can be recovered after decomposition.
4. From one ton waste glass, It can produce 15 cases (standard) of flat glass or 2000 wine bottles(500g volume), saving 1 ton coal, 0.25 ton soda ash.
5. Using scrap steel to produce steel can reduce 86% of air pollution, 92% of solid waste, and 40% of hazardous disposal materials.

This shows the importance of pre-sorting technology for waste treatment. In addition, waste is piled in the open air, which takes up a lot of land resources. Many suburban dump sites have occupied a large amount of arable land, making the problem of arable land shortage even more prominent. Many problems caused by garbage, including environmental pollution, prompt our country to find a waste disposal path that suits our national conditions as soon as possible.

Winner Group' s self-developed pre-sorting technology for Municipal solid waste treatment has practically examined the characteristics of the diversity of Municipal domestic waste in China, combined with compost and incineration slag treatment technology, which can greatly improve the waste resource recovery and recycling rate .



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