The Material Screening in Sintering Plant

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-05-16

How should the sintering plant choose a sieving screen or sieving machine? The first consideration should be energy saving, environmental protection, and space saving. Here we compare two types of vibrating screens. The former shows an ordinary sieving screen, and the latter shows multi-frequency screen of Henan Winner Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. The multi-frequency screen has been widely used in the sintering plants, blast furnace tanks, and pellet plants in China, and it has become a popular industrial sieving screen .


multi-frequency screen


The following are the advantages of the multi-frequency screen:

1.Energy saving

If the ordinary sieving screen power is 180KW, the 84KW multi-frequency screen can replace itwhich can save annual power 82,900 KW.

2.Environmental protection

The multi-frequency screen adopts the static sealing technology. It will not cause the problem of dust leakage during the work process, and it can achieve clean production.


sieving screen


3.Space saving

If the ordinary screen covers an area of 300m³, a space of 94m³ is sufficient for the multi-frequency screen.

4.The minimum dynamic load

The single-point dynamic load of the multi-frequency screen does not exceed 16KN in the vertical direction, which is 1/10 of the normal screen. Therefore, the multi-frequency screen can reduce the damage to the foundation and can also save the cost of infrastructure.

5.Easy to maintain. 

To replacement screen sieve, ordinary sieving screen requires 4 people for 10 hours, but multi-frequency screen only requires 2 people for 2 hours.which will increase customers' production time to 8 hours.

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