Super Vibrating Screen-the one with Incredible and Powerful Characteristics

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

High Amplitude Probability Compositive Screen:

1. Structure and Characteristics

High amplitude probability compositive screen consists of two-way distributor, seal components, independent vibration unit equipped with quickly removable mechanism (i.e. independent  removable vibrating screen with single motor), anti-clogging discharge chute, maintenance platform, machine frame and other components. Each of the independent vibration units is made up of specially designed screen box equipped with quick removable mechanism, motor bracket fixed on the screen box, motor, flexible coupling, vibration exciter, special screen mesh and damping spring.


efficient dry screening


1) Screen meshes vibrate, machine body doesn’t vibrate: in each independent vibration unit, the motor drives the vibration exciter, which then drives the screen mesh to vibrate. Meanwhile, the other parts of the high amplitude probability compositive screen don’t vibrate. Because of such design, the vibration weight is small, so that the dynamic load of the equipment is 1/2 or less of the vibrating screen with the same specification. For customers, this will cost less for construction investment. At the same time, due to the greatly reduced dynamic stress, the service life of the whole machine can be up to 30 years in normal use, which greatly improves the cost performance of the products.


2) Distributor shunts, and reduces the thickness of the material layer: at the top of the equipment, a two-way distributor is installed at the entrance of material. The distributor adopts the structure of a single inlet and double outlets, which will divide the material into two parts, then through the guide chutes on both sides of the equipment, the two parts of material will be divided again into several parts, which will be delivered to the screen mesh of each independent vibration unit, achieving the evenly distribution on screen meshes of multi-segment and full width distribution of material. Thus, the material flow to each independent screen mesh is greatly reduced, and the thickness of the material layer is thinner and more evenly. The thinner the material layer, the higher the screening efficiency, the better the screening effect.


3) High amplitude screening: since only the screen meshes vibrate, other parts don’t vibrate, the device can not only screen low moisture content material with low amplitude and high frequency, but also screen wet and sticky material with high amplitude and low frequency.


efficient dry screening


4) Probability screening: because of the double-layer structure adopted by each screen mesh, the holes of the upper screen mesh are larger than the ones of the lower. The thickness of the material layer falling onto the lower screen mesh is effectively reduced, accomplish probability screening. Extremely thin material layer can bring excellent screening effect, while the wear resistance of overall screen mesh also improves.


5) Combination screening: through the ingenious design of the structure, the whole equipment accomplishes the three-dimensional combination screening, it means that the width of the screen mesh is increased exponentially and the thickness of the material is reduced effectively, shortening the time of material getting through the screen mesh.


6) Technology of anti-clogging screen mesh of spring: due to the use of the technology of anti-clogging screen mesh of spring, it can effectively ensure that the wet and sticky material does not clog the screen mesh, so that the screen mesh maintains the maximum opening rate and ensures the highest screening efficiency.


7) Adjustable angle of screen mesh: according to the different characteristics of screening materials, the screen mesh can be adjusted from 10 degrees to 20 degrees, effectively guarantee the capacity and the time of materials getting through the screen mesh, so that the screening efficiency is greatly improved.


8) Quickly removable mechanism and easy maintenance: each vibration unit is equipped with independent quickly removable mechanism, and can be moved from the center of the equipment to both ends within 10 seconds, exposing the screen mesh and vibration exciter. The maintenance personnel can observe and maintain the screen mesh and overhaul the equipment conveniently after boarding the maintenance platform.


9) Completely closed structure: the equipment adopts a completely closed structure and the sealing effect is pretty good, making the dust not diffusing and meeting the environmental requirements.


efficient dry screening


2. Application

1) Not only making conventional screening for general material grading, but also making efficient dry screening of 3-6mm wet and sticky coal.

2) Widely used in coal washing plant, iron and steel plant, mining enterprise and other industries.


High amplitude probability compositive screen is an innovative product researched and manufactured by Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd., ingeniously combining the technologies of shunting, distributing, high amplitude screening, probability screening, combination screening.


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