Structural Problems of Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-02-16

Screening machine is used by mining enterprises for sifting, grading, cleaning, dewatering and dehydration of various materials. The quality of the vibrating screen equipment can affect the economic efficiency of the enterprise by affecting the production process, production efficiency and energy efficiency level. The advantages of simple structure, high throughput and reliable performance are obvious in all sieving equipment, and this make its market share reach about 95%. With the development of coal industry in our country, the demand of large screening machinery is stronger and higher requirement on the quality of the screening machinery, domestic coal enterprises also need to put into use the high performance vibrating screen.


vibrating screen


Common vibrating screen mainly has the following problems: start resonance, tail plate and side plate cracking, excitation girder damage, spring damage, vibration deviation. The start resonance is mainly due to the resonance caused by the low natural frequency of the whole vibrating screen and the overlap of the starting frequency of the motor. The cracking of the tail plate and side plate are caused by the stress concentration of local vibration and the structural damage caused by long fatigue working. The frequent replacement of springs is the need of the machine itself, but it can be detected by real-time monitoring system to monitor problems in advance and taking preventive measures.


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