Solid Waste Management Should be Put on Schedule

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Due to massive urbanization, solid waste management (SWM) is seen as a great challenge in modern city. Huge quantity of garbage gets piled up on daily basis. The way this garbage is stored and disposed off, possess a great risk to our fragile environment.


solid waste management


A solid waste management expert of the country has predicted that dumping site could explode anytime, a well -known scientist made this assertion after extensive research of dumping site. He has been visiting dumping sites years and also helped in decomposing the waste at dumping site. The site could explode any day because of the pressure created by the gases. It is like a man-made volcano, and the people around the site will die and it will have many adverse effects on environment. The garbage dumping site remains the focal point of the agitation against the municipal management corporation. The stink emanating from the dumping ground, people living in adjacent areas say, gives them sleepless nights. They allege that government was making no concerned effort to tackle the problem.


The authorities dumped the waste and later filled the compartments with soil without giving much thought to it. Overtime the waste, which contains bio-gradable content fermented and dangerous gases were formed in them, leachate (liquid secreted by fermented waste) and methane gas bubbles are visible everywhere in and around the site. According national guidelines, waste can be only filled in such cells after proper treatment like segregation and fermentation, but authorities are blindly burying this waste.


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