Rules of Sand Making Machines Operation

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

As the main machine of making sand, sand making machine is very popular and the safe operation is a matter of concern during using process.


sand making machines


First of all, it's important to start the machines with correct boot sequence, and the correct starting sequence is discharging-crusher-feeder. The crusher must be no-load, until the crusher is running normally before feeding. Crusher operation process shall not have severe vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, we should stop for checking the machine. The feed must be continuous and uniform, too much material is likely to cause accumulation of materials, if feeding too little will reduce production capacity and efficiency. More than the designated size does not allow to enter the sand making machines, otherwise it will cause impeller imbalance and excessive wear, and even cause the plug and center of impeller channel into the tube, so that it have influence of the normal operation for machines. We should promptly stop feeding while stop the discharge equipment, otherwise it will cause crushed impeller and burn the motor.


sand making machine


In operation, we should always check whether the equipment is normally operating, such as abnormal, should immediately stop. If need to repair, should be repaired after the shutdown. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, from the direction of the inlet, the impeller should be counterclockwise rotation, or should adjust the motor wiring. At the end of the production, check whether there is broken material in the crushing cavity to ensure that there is no material in the crushing cavity. Checking the wearing parts, if there is wear and tear, and other anomalies, should pay attention to this matter.


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