Rotary vibrating screen - a good helper for fine screening

Author: Winner   Time: 2023-12-26

Rotary vibrating screen is used for flour, starch, washing powder, metal powder, additives, chemical, non-mineral and other industries of particle powder screening, precision screening, large processing capacity, easy to combine with the production line.
How it works:
The rotary vibration screen uses one or two horizontal vibration motors to drive the machine to operate. After the power is on, the vibration motor uses its own eccentric block to generate high-frequency exciting force to drive the screen frame to do horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional vibration, so that the material moves along the elliptical trajectory on the screen surface, and the smaller material will fall through the screen hole to the next screen surface for repeated screening action. In this way, the material is sifted into several levels, the smallest at the bottom, and the larger the higher. In screening, changing the phase Angle and weight of the upper and lower eccentric block can change the size of the exciting force and the movement track of the material.
Product features:
1.Large output of impurity removal

The discharge port is designed at the bottom of the screen machine, and the finished products under the screen pass through the net quickly, reducing the residence time of materials on the screen surface and greatly increasing the screening output.
2. two kinds of power arrangement

There are two kinds of arrangement, single motor and double motor, 30-60 degrees can be adjusted to increase the material running track.

3.small space occupation
The motor is designed on the outside of the equipment to reduce the height of the equipment, so that the space is effectively used, the equipment is convenient to operate, and the large obtuse Angle is good to clean up. dust pollution
The single vibration source can be used directly in series in the pipeline to remove foreign bodies and impurities in the pipeline, without manual operation, and avoid secondary pollution of materials.


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