The Application of Recycled Aggregate from C&D Waste

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-03-15

Recycling of Waste Wood and Wood Dust in C&D waste:
1. Parts of waste wood after teardown can be reused as timber directly.
2. The broken wood, saw dust and wood flour in C&D waste can be reused as fuel, raw material of compost or covering of erosion protection works.
3. The composite material, such as clay, timber and cement, made by waste wood has the advantages of light weight and small thermal conductivity compared with normal cement. Therefore, it can also be used as special thermal insulation material.




Recycling of Waste Brick and Tile in C&D waste:
1. The concrete block made by waste brick has high intensity and thermal insulation.
2. The lightweight aggregate concrete mixed with waste brick can improve the cohesiveness, water retention and flowability of the concrete.
3. The building wall brick and paving tile made by waste brick has the comprehensive advantages of better heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance.




Recycling of Waste Asphalt in C&D waste:
After crushing and screening, the waste asphalt pavement mixed with regenerant, new aggregate and new asphalt material in appropriate proportion can be reused as bituminous concrete for paving the pavement surface or basement layer.
Asphalt roofing material contains high grade mineral filler which can replace part of aggregates in cold mix and hot mix asphalt. In addition, the asphalt roofing materials containing cellulose structure, which can help to improve the performance of hot mix asphalt.




Recycling of Waste Concrete in C&D waste:
The concrete block accounts for more than 54% of the total construction waste, and is an important part of the construction waste which has great recycling value. After crushing, the concrete block can be reused for the production of recycled concrete, reclaimed cement, subgrade material or ram-compaction piles mixed with crushed bricks and lime.




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