Operation and maintenance of vibrating feeders in crushing lines

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-04-26

The two vibration motors must be rotated in reverse during operation. If the current is not unstable or the noise is loud, stop immediately. Maintenance of the vibrating feeder:  Checking repeatedly the amplitude of the vibrating motor. If abnormal conditions are found, stop immediately. Because the current of the vibration motor and the surface temperature of the motor require uniform amplitude before and after, and do not swing around.


vibrating feeder


The motor bearing is the key equipment for the vibrating feeder nozzle in the entire crushing line, so it is especially important for its maintenance. Normally, the lubricant should be refilled every 2 months, and the lubricant should be refilled once a month during the hot season. And the motor should be re-repaired once half of year, and the internal bearings should be replaced.


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