Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Line

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-01-02

The main methods of domestic garbage disposal in China are mainly sanitary landfill and incineration. Failure to fully classify them not only causes environmental pollution, but also wastes the available parts of the garbage, resulting in waste of resources.


solid waste treatment


Municipal solid waste sorting line is generally used in large amount of solid waste treatment project. Through multistage mechanical separation, the combination of bag breaking and crushing, magnetic separation, air separation technology of mechanization and automation of garbage, the different components in the garbage can be classified, such as solid, organic matter, waste plastics, metal products and non-ferrous metals. Moreover, the fine process of sorting can achieve the comprehensive management of waste resources and the effect of reducing pollution of pesticides, and to minimize pollution. 

The solid waste treatment line can realize MSW collection, incineration, power generation, composting and biogas power generation according to the different demands of customers. All the types of garbage can be sorted to achieve the full use of resources meeting the development of circular economy. Any interest about our municipal solid waste line please feel free to contact us. Our email address is:


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