Light materials screening sharpener-Air separation vibrating screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-04-17

With the development of social activities, more and more types of garbage are continuously produced. Because of its many components and large discharge, it is very inconvenient to handle. If it is not treated in time or improperly, it will cause pollution and affect environmental sanitation. Winner has accumulated more than 60 years of experience in the screening and sorting industry. With the advantages of its strategic core products, it has developed a screening for light materials for the waste treatment industries such as construction waste, decoration waste, and domestic waste. New environmentally friendly air separation and screening equipment: Air separation vibrating screen.


Air separation vibrating screen

Compared with traditional screening equipment, this air separation screening machine has the following advantages:
1. Adopt new integrated screening and air separation technology to improve the efficiency of sorting.
2. The traditional screening equipment is the screen and the screen box synchronous vibration, while the new screen is three-dimensional combination screening, the screen box does not participate in vibration, the screen core vibration.
3. The traditional air separator adopts vertical air blowing, and only the wind is used to achieve the purpose of removing light materials. The vibration air selection is based on the traditional air selection, and it has the effect of slope vibration. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting.
4. It adopts fully-enclosed design with good sealing performance, which reduces the leakage of dust.
5. The front-end design sedimentation box, regional classification air selection, improve the efficiency of air selection, can meet the screening of various complex materials.

The R & D design of the air separation screening machine responded to the green, environmental protection and energy saving initiatives.Winner will continue to increase research and development efforts, continue to launch innovative environmental protection products, and contribute to the sustainable development of society and build a better planet.



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