The Period and Items of Inspection and Repairing of Jaw Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Besides proper usage and maintenance, the jaw crusher must get planned maintenance. Period of inspection and repairing: each minor repair needs 1 month interval; medium repair needs 6 month to 1 year interval; overhaul needs 3 years interval. The actual situation of period of inspection and repairing should be according to the usage and working of the equipment.


jaw crusher


Items of inspection and repairing. The main items of minor repair are the wear of the transmission belt; tightness of connecting bolts; adjustment of discharging exit; changing of worn lining boards. The main items of medium repair include changing the thrust plate; inspection of the bearing bush; repair of motor pulley and the items of minor repair. The overhaul repairing mainly include replacement of all worn parts; checking and adjustment of degree of parallelism of the mandrel and eccentric shaft; checking the body corrosion and the items of medium repairing. 


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