How to choose the suitable stone production line for your need?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

With the developed and many other developing countries invest great amount of money to the construction of infrastructure public facilities and improve the living environment, the international market for the stone production line produce aggregate demand, as the natural gravel under-supply problems have become increasingly prominent and the mechanism of sand standards and the improvement of technology, more and more industries and companies choose the machine-made sand, so how to and choose the most suitable stone production line of your own?


stone production line


First of all, the configuration of each part of the aggregate is designed according to the kinds of stones, hardness, feed and finished particle size requirements, and yield requirements. The hardness and humidity of the stone determine the configuration of crushing and screening equipment, and the size requirements of the inlet and outlet determine the design requirements of the opening and drying of the specific equipment.


Last but not least. The key part is the budget amount. According to the budget requirements, we design the technological process and form the aggregate production line of different scale and level.


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