How to Choose a Sand Sieve Machine?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-09-07

Sand sieve machine has a variety of features, such as high precision screening, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long screen life, good sealing, no dust, easy maintenance. It can be used for automation operations and widely used in various industries.


sand sieve machine


Sand sieve machine is the most common choice for projects with high fineness and high yield. But the linear screen covers a relatively large area, and some production lines to the screening operation left a small space. Winner Group specifically for such enterprises to produce non-standard design equipment.


Sand sieve machine is a double motor excitation, common motor installation location has three kinds: side vibration type, upper vibration type and down vibration. The most commonly used is the side vibration structure, field restrictions are small, but also easy to control. The down vibration type is generally have field restrictions, select when the equipment width is required. Compared with the side vibration type structure, device width reduction and the space is saved. And when the discharge port also has strict requirements, we can use the upper vibration type, that is, the motor in the upper part of the screen machine, so that the discharge port can not be bound by other conditions, minimize the height of the discharge port.


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