Environmental protection and technology go hand in hand, WINNER compound frequency screen will help steel enterprises to upgrade their industries

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-08-11

In the ironmaking process, the batching section of the blast furnace is called under the blast furnace tank. This section is a process location where there are many types of vibrating screens in the entire process. Therefore, this section always has a dirty environment, compact space, and noise. Big problems, and what's more, dust is particularly serious in some places. Under the dual pressure of economy and environmental protection, iron and steel companies are looking for an industrial upgrade path for environmental protection and efficiency improvement, and on the way forward, the assessment of these environmental issues also occupies a large proportion.

In the lower section of the blast furnace trough of an ironmaking plant in Hebei, the above-mentioned environmental protection issues have also become a major pain point for customers. The site space is small, many machines have no maintenance space, and the noise is extremely high.

1. The customer intends to proceed with the transformation from these environmental issues under the condition of technical guarantee, so that both the technology and the environment have been significantly improved.

2. After learning about the customer's pain points, WINNER recommended the environmental protection multi-frequency screen for the customer based on the on-site working conditions. The strong adaptability of the multi-frequency screen in any small space solves the customer's pain points. In addition, the multi-frequency screen has eight advantages:

1. Advanced screening concept and unique screen structure;

2. Strong environmental protection;

3. Higher energy saving;

4. Higher screening efficiency and large processing capacity;

5. Ease of maintenance;

6. Minimize construction costs;

7. Low spare parts consumption;

8. Full combination method.

WINNER compound frequency screen, environmental protection and technology parallel, help iron and steel enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading. If you have any needs, please call us toll-free +86 13373745380!


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