Distribution screen-D-fine particle size beneficiation and screening

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-10-06

WINNER Distribution Screen-D is a linear vibration produced by high-frequency dual-vibration motors rotating in opposite directions, which makes the whole multi-layer screen move uniformly along the length of the screen.

The screen boxes of the independent screening system are staggered and stacked up and down. Each layer of the screen surface independently completes the feeding and screening operations, and the under-screen and over-screen materials on each layer of the screen surface are collected and discharged separately.

The 7.5G gravitational acceleration generated by the high-frequency linear motion makes the material conveying speed fast and accelerates the formation of a thin layer of slurry on the entire screen surface. In particular, the conveying speed of large-grain materials is faster, and the staying time on the screen surface is shorter, which is equivalent to increasing the effective screening area and improving the screening efficiency. In addition, multiple sieve plates are arranged in parallel and stacked on the same vibrating screen frame, which is equivalent to increasing the screening area, thereby increasing the processing capacity of the fine screen.

The high frequency and small amplitude vibration characteristics of the distributed screen can achieve the following effects:

1. Destroy the surface tension of the slurry and the adhesion force of the fine-grained materials on the coarse particles, reduce the agglomeration force between the fine-grained materials due to molecular attraction and electrostatic attraction, which is conducive to the loosening and layering of the materials, and promotes the smaller than the classification. Separation and penetration of granular materials;

2. Because the material oscillates on the screen surface at high speed, it accelerates the separation of particles smaller than the classification size, especially the useful mineral particles with high density, increases the probability of the material contacting the screen surface and penetrating the screen, and speeds up the screening speed;

3. Reduce and prevent blockage of sieve holes and improve screening efficiency.

Advantages of this equipment:

1. Improve screening efficiency and save space. Multi-layer screening means that the screening area is increased, and the material layer becomes thinner, which facilitates the screen penetration and improves the screening efficiency; it saves space occupation, and the floor space can be saved by 1/3 under the same production capacity.

2. Optimization of the screening process system. Change the original production process, reduce the repeated transportation of materials, simplify the process and equipment layout, reduce the amount of manual maintenance of equipment failure points, save labor, and reduce labor intensity.

3. Saving and environmental protection. Multi-layer combined screening, reducing space usage, saving energy, reducing system equipment, low noise, optimizing the working environment, simple maintenance, and finer classification.

4. Optimization of vibration source system. The equipment adopts linear natural vibration source, developed products for our company, integrates driving and vibration, simplifies driving transmission and other links, small size, simple structure, convenient installation, light weight, reliable operation, strong versatility, and small maintenance , The exciting force can be adjusted steplessly, etc. It is an ideal and reliable source of vibration utilization for vibration equipment.

5. Nano sieve plate: The distribution adopts a new type of nano plate that is made of flexible polymer materials and metal products, and is cast as a whole at one time. It has higher strength and better resistance than traditional sieves, and the opening rate can be increased by 3%.

6. Higher efficiency. Due to the optimization of the screening operation system and fine classification, the screening rate of the finished product can be greatly improved.

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