Decoration waste sorting system

Author: Winner   Time: 2023-10-28

The traditional treatment method of decoration waste in my country is landfill or treatment of domestic waste and construction waste together, which leads to unsatisfactory treatment effects, inability to recycle resources, and causes secondary pollution.

decoration waste

Sorting is a prerequisite and top priority for decorating waste disposal. Due to the complexity of the composition of the decoration waste in my country, the decoration waste depends on the comprehensive sorting in the process of processing. At the same time, the requirements for the sorting equipment are also high. A single sorting process cannot solve the problem. Only through the comprehensive sorting of a combination of multiple equipment can a better effect be achieved.

Winner developed this set of decoration waste sorting system based on the current situation and problems of decoration waste treatment in my country, which intergrates screening and sorting technology advantages and product characteristics.


1. Dry separation, no dust, no secondary pollution;

2. Intelligent control technology, choose suitable suction for different material characteristics to achieve better separation;

3. Automatic cleaning device, automatically clean the adhesive;

4. Fully sealed and filtered dedudting design to control dust and noise emissions.


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